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Khodi Feiz chair

Khodi Feiz chair

Liking this chair with two-way foldable table, conceived by Khodi Feiz for Offecct.

Via Lotta Agaton.

Thomas Brown: Meteor

With stories of doom and destruction surfacing in pages of the tabloid press, the Mayan’s prediction that 2012 was the year it would all go tits up and more serious warnings of double dip recession, the ‘Meteor’ series, by photographer Thomas Brown, draws tongue-in-cheek parallels between threatening, yet weightless, meteors and balls of scrunched-up paper, sending the message that there is little point dwelling too much on things beyond our control.


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Ordinary Purposes Clock

Ordinary Purposes Clock

The Ordinary Purposes Clock, designed by Hundreds Tens Units, has an aesthetic dictated by it’s disproportionate second hand. The graphical information provided is minimal, yet essential.

Screen Printed Aluminium, Acid Etched Steel, German High Torque Movement.

Signe Vilstrup

Signe Vilstrup

Photos by Signe Vilstrup.

Dietlind wolf

Dietlind Wolf

Beautiful ceramics by Dietlind Wolf.

Tenbosch House

There’s lots to love about the Belgian bed and breakfast hotel, Tenbosch House, renovated by architect Patrice Lémeret and interior designers Michel Penneman and Catharina Eklof, but what particularly inspires me is the selection of lamps.

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Billboard by Lead Pencil Studio.

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Abbey Lee Kershaw x Emma Summerton

Abbey Lee Kershaw photographed by Emma Summerton for Vogue Italia, June 2009.