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Ymre Stiekema by John Akehurst for Exit F/W 2011

Ymre Stiekema by John Akehurst for Exit F/W 2011.

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A User’s Guide to Kraftwerk’s “Pocket Calculator”

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Virgil Finlay

A cracking illustration by American pulp fantasy illustrator, Virgil Finlay.

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Omega Speedmaster 'Moonwatch'

After rigorous testing by NASA, it was flight-qualified for every piloted flight. Its distinctions include all six lunar landings and a key role in helping the crew survive the troubled Apollo 13 mission. The first watch on the Moon was worn by Buzz Aldrin and that watch was an OMEGA Speedmaster Professional chronograph.

Margnus Marding

My kind of workstation, beautifully photographed by Magnus Marding.

Gaëtan Rossier

Another fine photograph by Gaëtan Rossier.


Danish summerhouse

Danish summerhouse

Beautiful Danish summerhouse photographed by Wichmann + Bendtsen.

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A great portrait from photographer Xi Sinsong.


I just love these Sphynx cats.

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Outlier: The Minimal Backpack

Outlier: The Minimal Backpack

Outlier have collaborated with Hyperlite Mountain Gear to make a pared down city pack called The Minimal Backpack.

Waterproof, featherweight and backcountry tough, the backpack  has a roll top closure, tape seams and is made with nonwoven Dyneema, which is 10x stronger than steel yet light enough to float on water and packs down to fit in a jacket pocket.