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Two beautiful photos from the Flickr of [email protected].


Cool packaging for IKEA herring, designed by Stockholm Designlab.

Print-Process business card

Print-Process business card designed by Build.

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Klein bottle

OK… so it’s not a real one as the neck doesn’t really intersect the body.

A ‘real’ Klein bottle is an object with no inside and no outside that can only exist in four dimensions, a bit like a Möbius strip but even more fascinating.

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Harley V-Rod custom

Harley V-Rod custom

Retro meets high performance in this Harley V-Rod custom cafe racer by Dr Mechanik.

Docs Chops cafe racer

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Objects of Empathy

Objects of Empathy

Objects of Empathy

Objects of Empathy, by Miya Kondo, proposes “conceptual and aesthetic forms for everyday rituals with gesture, posture, handling and materiality. Ambiguous forms invite engagement and interaction creating a personal relationship to the object, and thus defining the functionality of the object. These objects with no clearly defined function and with seemingly ambiguous meaning invite personal and subjective interpretation and reflection thereby giving them their symbolic value.”

“Functioning is not merely the function of things, but also their mystery.”
-Jean Baudrillard

Composition Light

Composition Light, from Canadian born designer, Miya Kondo, is a light sculpture comprised of five different frames and shapes of light, that offers light itself as a mutable spatial object.

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Lamborghini Bravo

1974 Lamborghini Bravo prototype, designed by Gruppo Bertone.

Photographed by Benedict Redgrove.