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Morticia Addams

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Flight of the trapped: Brooke Shaden

Love this…

Flight of the trapped by photographer, Brooke Shaden.

Face off

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Alan Firedman: Sun

Alan Firedman: Sun

Alan Firedman: Sun

Images of the sun by Alan Friedman, produced from his backyard in Buffalo, N.Y., when he put a webcam and a telescope together in front of a high-end filter.

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Judy Fox: Octopus

Octopus by Judy Fox, sculpted in terra cotta, cast in poly resin and painted with casein paint.

Linnea Strid: Tear me apart

Tear me Apart, painted by Linnea Strid in oil on plywood.

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Red Cathode

Red Cathode by – Hob –.

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Savannah Rocker III designed by Jolyon Yates for ODEChair.

Eames Tandem Shell seat

Tandem Shell seating unit, designed in 1962 by Charles Eames for Herman Miller.

Houston House shelving system

Loving the shelving system in Houston House, which appears to be constructed around a framework of plumbing pipes.

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