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I like Braun

What’s not to like..?

This I like Braun pin-badge is perfect for the Braun fan-boy/girl in your life.

Available from Das Programm.

The Obsidian Isle

The Obsidian Isle

The Obsidian Isle

The Obsidian Isle

A beautiful book designed by Graphical House, to accompany a new exhibition of large format photographs, by Gayle Chong KwanThe Obsidian Isle.

The photographs, documenting a fictional island located off the west coast of Scotland, are constructed from found images, three-dimensional elements and medium-format photographs taken by the artist, which are re-made as mise-en-scenes of the island and then photographed in the studio.

The mirrored black book cover, a nod to traditions of Claude glass used by landscape artists in the late 18th century, is protected by a fictional map of the ‘The Obsidian Isle’ that wraps around the book.

Sellar Property

Sellar Property

Sellar Property

Nice identity work for Sellar Property by CampbellHay.

Tomohiro Inaba

Loving the steel sculptures of Japanese artist Tomohiro Inaba.

Via artlook.



Sculptural cuff

Via Ann Taylor.

Collection of light

Collection of light

Collection of light

Collection of light by Humans since 1982, is a luminaire formed from a collection of LEDs mounted like the insect collections you see in old drawers in museums. The aim is to create an aura of a real collection with the LEDs labelled (with name, size and colour temperature) and arranged in a specific order to accomplish harmonic light.

Via Lotta Agaton.

Remi Rebillard

Photo by Remi Rebillard.

Tin Robot

Hand Made Nobuo Yamashita Tin Art Robot, by Osaka Tin Toy Institute.

Via Rude Mechanicals.


Cool knotted chandelier idea, lifted from design blog Mokkasin.

Via Japanese Trash.