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Egg chair

A nice photo of the Arne Jacobsen designed Egg chair.

Via Tokyo Bleep.


Long live incandescence.


Zion Graphics: The Ark

Zion Graphics: The Ark

Cool packaging by Zion Graphics for this promotional single from The Ark.

Damien Hirst: Cornucopia

Damien Hirst: Cornucopia

Printed on the occasion of Damien Hirst’s exhibition, Cornucopia, at Musée Océanographique de Monaco in April 2010.

Via Other Criteria.

Minimalux: Ballpoint

Minimalux: Ballpoint

The basic ballpoint pen, or ‘Biro’ as it has become known, has been a useful accessory to our daily lives for many years. Its familiar, cheap plastic casing is synonymous with the product but also its disposability.

With Ballpoint, Minimalux now takes this ubiquitous invention and encases it in a single fluid sleeve of lasting, almost indestructible, solid brass which is not plated or lacquered in any way, thus allowing its surface finish to change with use and age, eventually developing a rich natural patina.

Designed ergonomically, with careful consideration to weight and balance, Ballpoint transforms the performance of the humble refill, providing an effortless and noteworthy writing experience.

Emma Tempest

Emma Tempest

Emma Tempest

Loving the finely crafted work of photographer Emma Tempest.

Frédéric Ruyant: Flora Allegoria

Flora Allegoria, by Frédéric Ruyant, is a glass vase that can be used flat, with blooms surrounding a central pillar, or on a tilt, with the pillar used as the receptacle.


Cool multimedia packaging produced by Progress Packaging for Entr’acte.

chin on the tank

Via chin on the tank.

Tote Hose by ambra

Tote Hose by ambra.

Via this isn’t happiness.