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Line Thit Klein

Simple, Nordic style in this Danish house, with it’s beautiful contrasts of clean lines and weathered wood, nicely captured by photographer Line Thit Klein.

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Travis Louie

Gotta love the freaky Victorian portraits of Travis Louie.

Angie Ng x Bustamam Mokhtar

Angie Ng photographed by Bustaman Mokhtar for Zen Magazine.

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Ruben Ireland

Ruben Ireland

Loving the work of illustrator Ruben Ireland.

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Morticia Addams

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Flight of the trapped: Brooke Shaden

Love this…

Flight of the trapped by photographer, Brooke Shaden.

Face off

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Alan Firedman: Sun

Alan Firedman: Sun

Alan Firedman: Sun

Images of the sun by Alan Friedman, produced from his backyard in Buffalo, N.Y., when he put a webcam and a telescope together in front of a high-end filter.

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Judy Fox: Octopus

Octopus by Judy Fox, sculpted in terra cotta, cast in poly resin and painted with casein paint.