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IBM Standard Issue Clock

Awesome 1960’s IBM 13.5″ Standard Issue Clock available from Schoolhouse Electric.

Old Fiat 500

That’s a nice old Fiat 500 right there.  ;D

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Robert McGinnis: James Coburn

Another cracking illustration by Robert McGinnis.

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Caption competition

Send a comment with a suggested caption for this photograph.

Here’s mine for starters…

“… and yes, Madam, we can do one in pink.”

There’s no prize — just for shitz ‘n’ gigglz.

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Spartan bathroom

Some may find this bathroom in Alemanys 5, a project in Girona’s historical quarter by architect Anna Noguera, somewhat basic, but I love it’s spartan mix of ancient stone and raw concrete.

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Byoung Ho Kim

Byoung Ho Kim

Artist Byoung Ho Kim  (Kim Byoungho) integrates piezo disks and arduino boards with minimal forms in aluminium and brass, to create sleek sound sculptures that tread the line between product and art object.

CD Rascanya

CD packaging designed by Dídac Ballester.

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VP Globe

Louis Poulsen.
Denmark, 1969.
Acrylic, enameled and chrome-plated steel.

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Jean Couvreur: Photochrome

Jean Couvreur: Photochrome

Jean Couvreur: Photochrome

The Photochrome lamps of Jean Couvreur, comprising coloured glass forms hung from suspended fluorescent tubes.

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Geneva Sound Model XS

Geneva Sound Model XS

Inspired by vintage travel clocks, the portable Model XS from Geneva Sound Systems, comes in a leather clamshell case that opens to reveal a mini Hi-Fi speaker along with FM radio, alarm, amplifier, rechargeable battery and bluetooth for wireless audio streaming.

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