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Mezcal Manonegra

I’m loving this bottle, designed by Sociedad Anonima for Mezcal Manonegra.

“Mezcal is the most ancient distilled spirit in America. It can be made of over 30 varietals of agave, most of them grown in the wild regions of Mexico. The handprint on our bottle represents the hand of the master distiller, the hand of the worker and the hand of the seeker of true mezcal.”

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Saga chair

Saga, by Swedish manufacturer Support Design, is a series of compact, highly ergonomic office chairs and stools based on a design first conceived by Bruno Mathsson for the company in 1982.

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Incase x BEAMS pack

Incase x BEAMS pack

Loving this backpack in natural canvas and black leather, with zesty orange taffeta lining. The result of a collaboration between Incase and Japanese boutique BEAMS.

Design is...

From the Design Integration Handbook.



Inspired by the traditional wooden spinning top, Spun is a versatile lamp that can be hung from the ceiling or laid on the floor.

Via April and May.

Natasha Poly x Vogue Espana



Via this isn’t happiness.

Line Thit Klein

Simple, Nordic style in this Danish house, with it’s beautiful contrasts of clean lines and weathered wood, nicely captured by photographer Line Thit Klein.

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Travis Louie

Gotta love the freaky Victorian portraits of Travis Louie.

Angie Ng x Bustamam Mokhtar

Angie Ng photographed by Bustaman Mokhtar for Zen Magazine.

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