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Savannah Rocker III designed by Jolyon Yates for ODEChair.

Eames Tandem Shell seat

Tandem Shell seating unit, designed in 1962 by Charles Eames for Herman Miller.

Houston House shelving system

Loving the shelving system in Houston House, which appears to be constructed around a framework of plumbing pipes.

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Minimal Flower

Minimal Flower by John M. Sullivan.

“My art is an outgrowth of my work as a mathematician. My research studies curves and surfaces whose shape is determined by optimization principles or minimization of energy. A classical example is a soap bubble which is round because it minimizes its area while enclosing a fixed volume. Like most research mathematicians, I find beauty in the elegant structure of mathematical proofs, and I feel that this elegance is discovered, not invented, by humans.”

Coke bottle sphere

British Rail ticket sphere

Nick Sayers makes geodesic sculptures from recycled, reused and repurposed materials.

Shown here :

Sphere of 60 plastic Coke bottles, slotted and held together without glue by 180 hand-cut elliptical locking slots.

Sphere of 120 British Rail train tickets slotted together and held in place by their own tension.

Mark Hammermeister

Bela Lugosi by Mark Hammermeister.

1978 Honda CX500

1978 Honda CX500


Via BikeEXIF.

Remote control spaceman

Play mission control with your very own remote control spaceman.


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James & Tilla Waters ceramics

James & Tilla Waters ceramics

Loving the cylindrical forms of James and Tilla Waters.

Via of paper and things.


Loving this cool art print by Gianmarco Magnani.