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Fine grafitti, via Revok1.

Yiqing Yin x Davolo Steiner

Via the end of all reason.

Müller Gritsch fireplace

There’s a fine concrete fireplace to be found in House Müller Gritsch, by Andreas Fuhrimann Gabrielle Hächler Architekten of Zurich.

Hamish Muir /  8vo

Nice work by Hamish Muir, working for 8vo.

Anthony Vaccarello

Now that’s what I call a dress…!

From Anthony Vaccarello’s Spring Summer 2012 collection.

Vampire pumpkins

A cracking crafty idea for Halloween…!

Via this isn’t happiness.

Steve Jobs Apple chip letter

Apparently, in the early days of Apple Inc, Steve Jobs would occasionally sign computer chips, attach them to Apple stationery and send them out randomly to Apple fans. A precursor obviously to his later penchant for responding personally via email to random Apple customers.

Via Letters of Note, via @m1ke_ellis.

Morris Minor chicken coop

Now this chicken coop is one fine application for an old Morris Minor.

Pierre Cardin bubble house by Mai-Linh

Pierre Cardin’s bubble house on the Cote d’Azur, photographed by Mai-Linh for Habitat Magazine..

William Bouguereau redacted

Via Otaku Gangsta.