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Porsche 906

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The iTree, from KMKG Studio, is an iPhone and iPod docking station made out of a tree trunk.

Each trunk is apparently hollowed out using a special technique and specialized tools until it is perfectly proportioned to produce optimum sound quality.

Twitter calling card

Keep it minimal with a pack of custom twitter handle calling cards, engraved in black ink on classic white stock, from TerrapinStationers.

Old-school book strap

Why not make yourself a nifty old school book strap?

It’s the latest in a number of excellent crafty projects to be found over on the Wood and Faulk website.



A quick plug for a new iPhone app, designed and developed by one of my Netsight cohorts, Mike Rhodes.

Divided is an intelligent bill splitting application for your iPhone, which quickly calculates who owes what when dining out with buddies. Simple splits are lightening fast, but when things get complex, because Bridget didn’t have the wine and Dave splashed out on the sirloin, Divided’s adjustment function makes sure there are no more strained looks across the table as you work out everyone’s total.

Elegantly designed and simple to use, Divided is available now from the App Store.

Henry Wilson

Henry Wilson

I am loving the re-visited design classics of Henry Wilson, including shown here his LED version of the anglepoise lamp and leather cover for the classic galvanised ‘A’ chair.

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Anthony Kiedis x Anton Corbjin

Anthony Kiedis, West Palm Beach 2003, by Anton Corbijn.


Aoi Kotsuhiroi

Scar of Memories by Aoi Kotsuhiroi.

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The amazing SkatePOOL skatepark in Munich, here photographed by Harald J Braun, is a concrete lover’s dream.


Nice… uh… corridor.