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Grey paint from Jotun’s collection.

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Beatles 'White Album'

“To avoid the issue of competing with the lavish design treatments of most jackets, I suggested a plain white cover so pure and reticent that it would seem to place it in the context of the most esoteric art publications.” – Richard Hamilton

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Joshua Harker: Crania Anatomica

Joshua Harker: Crania Anatomica

Crania Anatomica Filigre is a beautiful skull sculpture, 3D printed in Polyamide nylon by Joshua Harker.

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Volt #10

Neat cover for Volt issue 10.


Dom lamp

Dom lamp

Dom lamp

Dom, by Domo Product Design is a geometic lamp made from 4mm aluminium sheet with a white lacquered interior.

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Richard Paul Lohse

Musikinstrumente Poster, by Richard Paul Lohse, 1962.

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Chalk-it-to-me piggy bank

Chalk-it-to-me piggy bank

Chalk-it-to-me piggy banks, available from Ladies & Gentlemen in either natural terracotta, or in black pigmented ceramic with real leather tail.

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Barbara Fialho x Manuel Nogueira

Barbara Fialho photographed by Manuel Nogueira for Elle Brazil September 2011.

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Gap Fall 2011 poster

Cool poster from Gap’s Fall 2011 campaign, in which their new brand guardians, Ogilvy, have stripped the brand back to it’s essentials.

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Andres Gonzalez

Photograph by Andres Gonzalez.

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