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Lady Three

Cool poster by art director Dean Quigley, inspired by the work of the artist Alexey Brodovitch.

Music typewriter

A rare Keaton music typewriter, available  from Jack’s Red Barn on Etsy.

I never knew such a thing existed.

Best Made Japanese Higo pocket knife

Traditionally known as the Higonokami, the “Higo” knife has been produced by Miyamoto Manufacturing Co. since the late 1920s. First developed in 1894 by the hardware wholesaler, Tasaburo Shigematsu and blacksmith Sadaharu Murakami, it quickly rose to great renown in Japan.

Those purveyors of fine outdoorsy stuff, Best Made have collaborated with Miyamoto Manufacturing, to produce their own Higo knife, featuring a blade of laminated Japanese white steel with a tsuchime (hand-hammered) finish.  Nice…!




Interactive editorial shot by Barnaby Roper for SHOWstudio, featuring Eniko Mihalik.

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W + B

Cool interior space nicely captured by photographers John Bendtsen and Joachim Wichmann aka W+B.

Natalia Semanova x Richard Avedon

Richard Avedon – Natalia Semanova, mouthpiece and headphones by Tom Binns, NY, 1998.

Via Hot Parade.

Notchless tape dispenser

Notchless tape dispenser

The innovative Notchless adhesive tape dispenser, designed by Kikuchi-Yasukuni Architects, Inc.

Sätelite lamp

Sätelite is a collection of three mimimal lamps by prague-based Tomáš Varga, for Czech lighting company Brokis.

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Vespa G.S.


Via Most ExeRent.

Party Animal

Graphic from the Party Animal t-shirt by John Hegquist, available from Threadless.