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Les Belles Vacances

Les vacances commencent. Back soon.

Image via x-ray delta one.

Commercial Space Station Hotel

Commercial Space Station Hotel

The Commercial Space Station by Russian innovators Orbital Technologies is planned to be a privately operated multiuse space station orbiting 217 miles above the planet, designed not only for scientific missions but also for use as a space hotel for paying customers.

You will need to budget £500,000 for a two day journey aboard a Soyuz rocket to get there, on top of £100,000 for a five day stay.

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Via Athletic Demeanor.

Natasha Poly x Hedi Slimane

Natasha Poly photographed by Hedi Slimane for Vogue Russia September 2011.

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Ben Hickling: Batgirl

A fine illustration by Ben Hickling.

Kim Høltermand: The Beach Stations

From the Beach Stations series by photographer Kim Høltermand.

Helena Christensen x Guy Aroch

Helena Christensen by Guy Aroch for GQ.

Mark Eden Schooley lamp

Mark Eden Schooley lamp

A simple lamp handmade in steel and cotton, designed by American photographer Mark Eden Schooley.

Fisheye No.2 SHIAWASE

The Fisheye No.2 SHIAWASE symbolizes the spreading of happiness, producing shots in a 170-degree radius. Your subject is captured in a fun, compact circle in each 35mm print!

Furthermore, with the purchase of this camera you contribute to the donation of EUR 20 to the Red Cross Relief Japan.

Pawson x Cinelli

Cinelli bike designed by John Pawson for Wallpaper.