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Marcus Andren

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911 restoration

911 restoration

911 restoration

911 restoration

Follow the restoration of a Porsche 911T over at the Porsche Classic service centre.

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Mikiyaka Takimoto: Land Space

An image from the Space series by photographer Mikiya Takimoto, now showing at MA2 Gallery in Tokyo, as part of Takimoto’s Land Space exhibition.

1953 Triumph Thunderbird

1953 Triumph Thunderbird

1953 Triumph Thunderbird

1953 Triumph Thunderbird.

Plant Lamp

Plant Lamp in powdercoated steel and glass by Kranen/Gille.

PhotoGraphy by ShiKai Tseng

PhotoGraphy by ShiKai Tseng

ShiKai Tseng has decorated a range of vases by covering them in photo-sensitive solution then exposing them inside individual pinhole cameras which are placed in an environment that ends up recorded on the surface of each vase.

“Each object carries the trace of it’s first moments of experience, it’s first exposure.”

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Josef Albers

Josef Albers was a German-born American artist, mathematician and educator, with a fascination for colour theory and squares. He also taught at the Bauhaus where he worked as a crafts master in the glass workshops.

Mexican artist Gabriel Orozco had this to say about Albers’s famous book on colour thoery, Interaction of Color (1963).

“It is one of the most subtle books on colour that exists. It really affects the eye; there is something kinetic about it. Each page is beautiful, and the quality of the print and the paper is intense. It is perfect.”

Copies of the Interaction of Color by Josef Albers are available here on Amazon.

Read on for more examples of Albers’s work.

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Rietveld Steltman Chair

I really like the asymmetrical Steltman chair, with it’s open composition of horizontals and verticals, designed for the Steltman jewellery house in The Hague in 1963, by Gerrit Rietveld.

B2 Spirit Stealth Bomber



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