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Final shuttle launch

Fusion imaging of the final space shuttle launch.



Elizabeth Taylor.

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Coca Cola Shark

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Spoon Plus

Spoon Plus

Spoon Plus

Spoon Plus, by designer, Aïssa Logerot, is a chopstick/spoon hybrid which, when taken apart, forms a pair of chopsticks with a small dish for your sauce.

Burd Haus

Loving the Mid-century Modern inspired birdhouses of Nathan Danials.

The Beautiful Beatnik

By Joe Bowler, 1960.

Via x-ray delta one.


“Futuristic dangly thing…”, via x-ray delta one.

(Do I detect a hint of “sweater envy” in the crouching blonde girl?)

Vintage phonograph sleeves

Vintage phonograph sleeves

Checkout this awesome collection of vintage phonograph sleeves, hep cats..!

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Robert McGinnis

Robert McGinnis.

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Space Capsules

Space Capsules

Inspired by the world of astronautics, Space Capsules is a futuristic series of carved porcelain vases, created by Canadian designer Guillaume Noiseux and manufactured by French porcelain specialists, Bernardaud.