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Carol Lombard

Photo of actress Carole Lombard wearing a cool pair of aviators for skeet shooting, by Alfred Eisenstaedt, 1938.

Via tokyo bleep.

Vintage tobacco ad

There is an extraordinary collection of vintage tobacco ads, ranging from gorgeous, through unintentionally hilarious, to downright crass, over on WellMedicated.

Jean Arp: Lingam

Lingam by Jean Arp. 1939, cast in 1956.

Bronze. Height: 16.5 cm (6 1/2 in). From an edition of 5 and cast by Georges Rudier, Paris.

Via Phillips de Pury.

Alison Berger

Alison Berger

Cool glasswork from Alison Berger.

Vitsœ: 606/622  Technolumen: rh1

Vitsœ: 606/622  Technolumen: rh1

Vitsœ 606 Universal Shelving System (1960) / 622 Chair Programm (1962) / Technolumen rh1 desklight (1987)

Dieter Rams / Dieter Rams + Andreas Hackbarth

Via Das Programm.

Braun Lectron System

Braun Lectron System

Braun Lectron System

Stumbled across the Braun Lectron System on the Das Programm website — a fantastic online treasure trove of Braun/Vitsœ ephemera conceived by Peter Kapos and Chris Ireson.

This is what Das Programm has to say about the Lectron System:

“Dieter Rams and Jurgen Greubel designed the BRAUN Lectron System (1967- 69) as a pedagogic instrument for use in schools and universities. It consists in an extensive range of magnetic modules that can be freely organised on a conductive plate to form a variety of functional circuits.”

“According to Rams, the purpose was to dispel the mystery of electronics by encouraging children to engage in the construction of their own operational systems – radios, Morse transmitters, etc. Most modules have transparent perspex walls through which the electronic component housed can be directly observed, whilst the module’s opaque upper surface is printed with the diagrammatic icon corresponding to its contents. A classic piece of Rams ‘New Functionalism’ – function, here, is precisely the communication of function. Rams’ Lectron System design has recently been exhibited as part of the London Design Museum Dieter Rams retrospective and is now part of MoMA’s permanent collection.”

ET66: 5,537

ET66: 5,537

ET 66: 5,537 is an awesome print by Conor & David, featuring the famous ET66 calculator designed by Dieter Rams for Braun.

Available as a limited edition of 200.

6T7 Espai Cafe

6T7 Espai Cafe

Located in Olot, north-east Spain, 6T7 Espai Cafe, by Spanish architects MSB Estudi Taller, has bare concrete walls and flooring along with seating booths, bars and counter tops made from thick steel plates. Panels hand woven from steel wire, filter light into this combined cafe and gallery.

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Porsche Sisha

Porsche have applied their sleek minimal styling to many objects, but this is just about the last thing I would have imagined — a Porsche Design Sisha water-cooled pipe.

Eric Zelinski: The Program

The Program, entered by Eric Zelinski into the Threadless  NASA T-shirt design Challenge.