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Regina Feoktistova x Gil Inoue

Regina Feoktistova photographed by Gil Inoue for SMUG #4.

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Attempting to give a damn

One of the interweb’s more “serious” design bloggers has emailed me with the following put down…

“To identify yourself as a design blogger is a bit grandiose. As much content as you regurgitate from others’ sites, a more apt description would be a digital scrap-booker at best.”

Just for the record, since it has never been my intention for my blog to serve any higher purpose than that of a digital scrap-book, then “digital scrap-booker” is a moniker I can live with.

Vespa 125cc

Vespa 125cc motor scooter, 1951.

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Self Service Magazine

You can now browse through all the back issues of Self Service Magazine on their new website.

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Vasil Germanov

Vasil Germanov


shin, dokho

shin, dokho

Cool works from graphic designer, shin, dokho.

Eva Herzigova x Hedi Slimane

Loving this photo of Eva Herzigova, shot by Hedi Slimane for Vogue Paris, October 2009.

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Bianca Spender x Adrian Mesko

Beautiful fashion by Bianca Spender beautifully captured by photographer Adrian Mesko.

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Globe-Trotter 21

Globe-Trotter 21

Now THAT is what I call a suitcase!

Handmade in Boxbourne, Hertfordshire by master craftsmen, from Vulcan Fibre — a material invented in 1895 and constructed of a number of layers of special paper coated with resin — Globe-Trotter suitcases have stood the test of time. Cloth lined with a frame made of ash, they also feature locks made by Cheney, a long-established British locksmith. Apparently the cases were originally tested for strength in Hamburg’s Zoological Gardens where a 1 tonne elephant stood on one with its full weight; no damage was done.