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Mini Mini Speakers

Enjoy portable sound with these tiny wooden box-like mini speakers from Team Tokushima.

Nixon 51-30 black/green

The 51-30 chronograph from Nixon, now available in black and green.

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Esquire Russia #67

Why so glum, chum?


Bedouin Foundry: Saracen messenger bag

Handmade in England, the Saracen messenger bag, from Bedouin Foundry, is constructed using waterproof 10 ounce ‘Rhinowax’ waxed canvas with top grain vegetable leather. Buckles are the strongest in the world, made from military grade Austrian Cobra and seatbelt nylon webbing is used in the straps. The bag is also beautifully lined with a hand printed cotton pattern.

  1. Respect “the genius of a place.”
  2. Subordinate details to the whole.
  3. The art is to conceal art.
  4. Aim for the unconscious.
  5. Avoid fashion for fashion’s sake.
  6. Formal training isn’t required.
  7. Words matter.
  8. Stand for something.
  9. Utility trumps ornament.
  10. Never too much, hardly enough.

Frederick Law Olmsted, landscape architect.

Mountain Men

Japanese company Mountain Research has released this awesome set of limited edition Mountain Men figures featuring four global revolutionaries: Chairman Mao, Karl Marx, Lenin and Thoreau.

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Table Lamp

Table Lamp

A simple table lamp by Fredrik Paulsen, comprising, painted fir wooden base, plastic shade and standard electrical components.

Blue Monday

I want that lamp.

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Designed to keep safe your special mementos and precious belongings, Takeaway, from Established & Sons, references a commonplace object from our on-the-go lifestyle – a fast food container.

Folded from sheet metal, Takeaway is anything but ordinary. The strength of the medium gives this piece a presence weightier than its function of mere ‘container’. Takeaway highlights that even the simplest seeming object can be captivating in the right circumstances.



Curious artifacts, from the mundane to the fantastical, to be found at Reliquarium.

Shown above from top:

Pigeon Footprint Found in Snow, 2008
Found on Minetta Lane, New York City

Bad Luck, 2011
Hawaiian lava rock rumored to bestow bad luck if removed from the island, found wood, glass, metal tag bearing title.

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