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Tripleships business card

Liking very much the business card, and the work, of TRIPLESHIPS Inc.

Ceramic Buddha Machine

Apparently, a new ceramic version of the Buddha Machine is on the cards for Xmas 2011… Yay…!

For those who haven’t experienced the pleasure of previous editions, the Buddha Machine is essentially a small plastic box that plays ambient loops, inspired by the Buddhist prayer boxes found at temples around Asia.

Buddha Teacups

Loving these Buddha Teacups, by Estúdio Manus.

Gary Pepper Vintage

Gary Pepper Vintage R A F W L O O K S.

Via Tokyo Bleep.

Explorations in Typography

Explorations in Typography

Explorations in Typography

Explorations in Typography: Mastering the Art of Fine Typesetting by Carolina de Bartolo with Erik Spiekerman, is a vast collection of beautiful typesetting examples. Page after page, a brief article by Erik Spiekermann has been set in hundreds of different ways in hundreds of different typefaces, creating an extended visual taxonomy of typesetting that allows you to “learn by looking”.

With complete type specifications on every page and examples set in hundreds of faces (many from the FontFont library), the aggregate effect is an ersatz type catalog as well as an extensive resource of typesetting ideas.

Via Reform.

Jessica Stam x Michaelangelo Di Battista

Jessica Stam x Michaelangelo Di Battista

Jessica Stam photographed by Michaelangelo Di Battista for Vogue Italia 2005.

Via Keroles.


Cool artwork by Tremaine Harris.

Via Buamai.

Free Port Cabinet

Free Port Cabinet

Free Port Cabinet, designed by Martí Guixé, for BD Barcelona, “is a modular piece of furniture made of container cubes, with various functions. They have a dynamic both in their volume and in their position and finish. The woods, all different and all synthetic, are always on the inside.”


Via B-U-I-L-D.

Kurppa Hosk

Kurppa Hosk

Nice work wrapped up in a cracking new website for multidisciplinary design studio, Kurppa Hosk.