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Braun vs. Apple


Braun T1000

Braun T1000

Glad to see I am not the only one to note the resemblance between Apple’s recent products and those of Braun in it’s heyday.

Pictured above are a Braun T1000 receiver from 1962 and an Apple G5 from over 40 years later – with signature perforated aluminium detailing also shared by Apple’s Powerbook and MacBook Pro.

Check out the links below for further examples of Braun’s influence amongst Apple’s product range.

+ Oyayubizoku
+ SpiekerBlog
+ Flankenlauf

Thanks to Beinghunted and to IDE Virtual Design Museum for the Braun T1000 images.

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  1. carmen

    also i sent an email to some top brass @ apple like 9 months or a year before they released that hardware design, telling that Lian Li pwned their case designs (At the time those chunky blue/silvery things)

    but of course lian li was just making stuff that braun had made 25 years earlier.

    if you look around, youll see blaupunkt, philips, schaub lorenz, etc using simlar designs to braun, the corrugated metal in particular

    so no ida who originated it

    as it round holes in aluminum is patentable



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