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Electrochef B-2 electric stove

Electrochef B2 Electric Stove

Loving the functional beauty of the Electrochef Model B-2 electric stove in white enamel, designed by Warren Nobel of Detroit Edison in 1929 for Electromaster Inc Detroit .

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  1. Jessica-Lynn

    is there anymore of these left?
    i would like to purchase one if possible .

  2. Steve K

    I have an electrochef b-1 stove available. It resembles the above picture except that it is a mirror image. It may need rewiring. Contact me at Michipawpaw-stove@yahoo.com

  3. dempsey

    I bought an immaculate 1929 ElectroChef Model B-2 designed by Warren Nobel, forty years ago at an old farm estate sale in Jackson, Michigan. I was struck by the beautiful simplicity and functionality of it’s Art Deco design, not to mention the georgeous color-Mint Green! I have had this piece stored away all these years and have decided for the first time to bring it out of storage to show my children and grandchildren how timeless great design can be. Thank you for showing it along side your other fine designs.
    You may contact me at – dyearout@com-dyn.com

  4. Name

    The stove was designed by Emil Piron. It has been featured in Machine Art Exhibition at MOMA New York from March 6 to April 30, 1934. The stove was exhibit #64 in the exhibition catalogue with Emil Piron credited for it’s design


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