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Mobile is a furniture installation created by artists Christan Halleröd and Johannes Svartholm for non-profit arts company Mossutställningar.

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  1. stedawa

    Great design! Is the seat at the far right the kind of caboose seat? If it had wheels or pontoons, it could be rented out in parks, and people would push it to their fave nook.
    Also, it needs a nice stained glass tiffany lamp. The copper foil or lead would keep in with the metallic materials theme. A solar run LED light inside the stained glass would complete it (see http://www.lutw.org/)
    Also, if the suspending poles were telescopic, the table could be lowered to make a bed.
    Or it could be sprung released and snap up to the ceiling.
    Seats on hinges could flip up and out of the way.
    They could be suspended from under bridges, connected by rope or nature bridges, and serve as homes for the homeless.
    They could be clumped together and airlifted for emergency shelters…
    etc etc!


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