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It’s one thing when someone rips off the design of your website but to actually not even bother to change the logo or add their own content is particularly astonishing. See if you can spot the difference between the site of a certain Mr Salatas…*


and my own site.


*UPDATE 19th Sept. 2007 – Mr Salatas has since taken his version of my site offline and has added his own comments to this post as an explanation of his actions.

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  1. Nik

    Ha! That’s incredible! I guess you should be flattered? Can’t believe the guy’s based in the UK too…

  2. Iain

    Well Mr Salatas is going to have a bit of a shock when he next Googles himself and finds this post at number 3 (at the time of writing) in the search ranking..!

  3. Antenna

    This happened to Kleber the web developers aswell – the funny thing was that the copycat even left in the Google Analytics code, so they found out almost immediately … You should contact the guy, and say that he’s welcome to hire you?

    Imitation is the sincerest form of lazyness!

  4. iain

    That is exactly how I detected the crime..! He had left the Statcounter code in – I guess if he could not even be bothered to change the logo he was not going to bother sifting thru the code!

  5. Edward (Falmouth College Student)

    Hello All,
    I find it highly amusing that this has caused so much interest; I’m waiting for it to break on Sky News.

    I do not work as a photographer, and am mealy analyzing code and getting ideas. I do not trade as a photographer or have never worked as one either, it’s a college project.

    I emailed Iain stating that I do not trade as a photographer yet he hasn’t mentioned this on the blog!
    I am a college student, playing around on a computer… With website ideas, and yes… Iain your website is very good, and I like it… however… do you think I’m stupid enough to publish it as my own?? LOL… no.

    Apologies for any trouble this has caused anyone… And as Iain has posted on his blog the website has been taken down.

    Kind Regards

  6. Iain

    Analyzing the code of other sites and playing around with the concepts of other designers is fine and a perfectly acceptable way of developing your own style but why publish the results as the index page of your domain name – you can understand why people might assume this is the way you wish to represent yourself.

    Good to hear your take on the whole thing though Edward.

    By the way I have changed the title of this post from your name to Cheeky Monkey to ensure that Google is not so zealous in the search ranking of this post against your name.

  7. Edward (Falmouth College Student)

    Hi Iain,

    I appreciate you doing a title change. I will ensure in future to publish to subfolders, and not to my index.

    I will continue to look at your site, and appreciate your feedback on looking at others work and gathering ideas.

    Kind Regards

  8. martine

    Is this edward salatas the same as the one who is hosting websites?

    He took of my website twice without any announcement and my paid period is until 2010.

    Can’t reach him nowhere, no tel, nothing.

    How to get this person legally persuite now? Any help is welcome.

    Kind regards

  9. Jerry

    Did you find out if this was th same guy who had th freesithosting.co.uk webhosging site? I have been trying to get hold of him as one of my domain names has expired and he is listed as the owner (never did put it in my name). I really need to contact him so he can make these changes for me. Any help would be appriciated.


  10. Sarah

    Just to let you know that Edward Salatas is not a falmouth college student, he has worked as a photographer in the past, and also most of his websites ever designed have been copied from others!!

    And yes this is the same person who ran the fraudulent freesitehosting website(which was also made from a template of someone elses site!

    Please let me know if you need anymore info/help


  11. Mike

    Everybody should be warned that this guy Edward Salatas is not some innocent student. He obtains goods by deception and has obtained goods posing as a bona fide business using the names CSRS and WE Group then doesnt pay when invoiced. He is basically a petty crook – be warned.


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