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WAX is a bi-annual print publication exploring the intersection of art, culture and surfing in and around New York City.

Founded by two graphic designers and a writer who all surf together, they wanted to create a publication that told the stories of the artists, architects, designers, and writers they met at their local breaks, with the aim of opening up a rich dialogue in the urban surf community.

“We believe that beauty and meaning can be found on sidewalks, boardwalks, skyscrapers and beaches alike. We’re interested in exploring the rich history of New York surfing, its beaches and residents and in finding a pathway of cultural creativity on and off the break. WAX will share the stories of area surfers who are also artists, designers, authors and auteurs. Each issue is organized around a unique theme, debuting with Issue #1: Dialogues in Spring 2012.”

To help fund Issue #1, WAX is currently raising money and accepting pre-orders through Kickstarter.

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