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Digital Harinezumi camera

Digital Harinezumi

Japanese toy camera manufacturers, Superheadz, have produced their first digital toy camera, the tiny Harinezumi, about the size of a 110 film camera and with a beautiful piano black gloss finish.

Digital Harinezumi

Inspired by the Super 8mm silent film of the ’60s it can take 2 hours of footage (without sound) or color-saturated, dreamy still photos that emulate the results of Lomo cameras, whilst being compact enough to carry with you just about anywhere.

Patrick Ng, who shot the images of the camera shown here, has posted a video on Vimeo as an example of the type of footage you can expect from this little beauty.

It’s kind of tricky to find a stockist, thought it would appear that the Digital Harinezumi camera will soon be available for purchase from Urban Outfitters.

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