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Two houses in Tokyo

Two houses in Tokyo

Whilst possibly not to everyone’s taste, I find a certain monastic appeal in the idea of these two houses in Tokyo, conceived by Hong Kong architects Cheungvogl.

Two houses in Tokyo

Constructed in rough concrete and aged timber, each of these identical houses have smaller structures with pitched roofs perched on top and a long, thin courtyard planted with a single tree.

Two houses in Tokyo

This from the architects:

“The two houses, standing side by side, related and yet separated. Its outline traces back years of history within the context. Simple detailing, rough concrete and aged timber are elements that tie the two houses together. Within them, store calmness.”

“Inside the house, the connection to the outside is reduced down to two linear courtyards. Framing ‘the tree’ standing on a sheet of white gravel, absence from the city’s influence, quietly documenting time. Contrary to the ground floor, the pitched roof is a small space enclosing the stair leading to an undefined open room – the roof itself. Three meter above ground, the city skyline seems almost tangible. Looking back, ‘the tree’ – is standing still.”

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  1. Jorn

    it seems very timeless and silent – that makes it appear very sprituell. i like it very much!


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