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Karl Martin Holzhäuser: Generative photographs

Karl Martin Holzhäuser

Karl Martin Holzhäuser

Generative photographs by Karl Martin Holzhäuser.

“Operating in total darkness, he moves a ‘light-brush’ (a lamp inside a narrow oblong box with variable openings in the bottom) along horizontal and vertical rails over sensitized paper, thus exposing it directly, without an interfering lens. Small parallel slides in the bottom of this ‘brush’ enable the artist to control the quantity of light emerging from his device: As long as all the slides are shut, no lamplight is being emitted; when several slides are opened simultaneously, separate parts of the sensitized paper become exposed at one go, whereby the individual slots determine the width of the resulting stripes or bars.”

Via but does it float.

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  1. Nipperkin

    Beautiful photographs! And the method used to produce them is quite interesting. Visited the artist’s site as well in order to see more. It’s really gorgeous work — thank you for pointing it out.

    I’m also intrigued by the “generative” label, which seems to me to be cropping up more and more these days. While I was long aware of generative music, generative art and design are new discoveries for me. This is the first time I’ve heard of generative photography.

    I wonder, however, if it is an appropriate label for this work in particular. As I understand it, “generative” means “self-generating” or “self-creating,” and these works don’t seem to fit that description. Any thoughts on the matter?



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