Holga D camera

Holga D

Designer Saikat Biswas brings back the delayed gratification and sweet anticipation of analog photography in his concept for a digital camera, the Holga D.

Whilst big displays are currently the norm on digital cameras, the Holga D has no display at all, allowing your photographs to remain mysterious until you download the images.

Holga D

With just a 2 speed shutter, 2 apertures and a basic focusing ring the Holga D retains the qualities and simplicity of the original Holga camera, combining the user experience of analog photography with the convenience and economy of digital.

Holga D

Via Minimalissimo.

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  1. Johnny Martyr

    “With just a 2 speed shutter”

    That’s funny, the shutter dial on the right side of the top plate which surrounds the shutter release indicates a lot more than just 2 shutter speeds.

    “2 apertures”

    Oh? And where are those controls located exactly?

    Looks like someone should stop plagiarising other websites with the same misinformation.

    And yes, jonathan, this does bare a great resemblance to the AGFA Sensor series!

  2. admin

    Look closely, Martyn, and you will see that only two of the shutter speeds on the dial are highlighted, indicating that only these two are actually selectable, hence, only two shutter speeds.

    And as for a resemblance to the AGFA, well yes, maybe in that they are both black and look kinda, camera-like, is all..! ;)



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