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Phil Ross – Eco Artist

Juggernaut - Phil Ross

Phil Ross is a one-man laboratory for geeky eco-art experiments.

“Many of the artworks that I make are created through the design and construction of controlled environmental spaces. In these environments I nurture, transform, and refine a variety of sculptural artifacts much as one might train the growth of a Bonsai tree. My desire is that a person encountering this artwork will consider the idea of nature within a frame of social and historic contexts.”

Juggernaut (above) is a self-contained habitat for one living plant. Crafted from three blown glass enclosures, the resulting hydroponic environment hosts a single plant whose roots are fed by nutrient-infused water. LED lights supply the necessary illumination.

Junior Return (below) uses similar methods, although a digital timer counts the seconds until a small pump is activated to move air to the plant and water to its roots.

Junior Return - Phil Ross

Via Inhabitat.

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