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Braun AB1 alarm clock

Braun AB1 alarm clock

Braun AB1 alarm clock

Industrial design doesn’t get much sweeter than the Braun AB1 travel alarm clock, launched in 1971 and designed by Dietrich Lubs under the directorship of Dieter Rams.

It keeps accurate time and wakes you up in the morning — no more no less.

Criminally, the last batch was produced in 2009.

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  1. michelle

    I agree. It is criminal that these are no longer available. The availability of beautiful and minimal clocks is bleak.

  2. B Ingebrigtsen

    These clocks are still sold at Scandinavian design mecca Skandium.
    It’s at 247 Brompton Rd. London SW3
    When it was announced that they were being discontinued by Braun, Skandium bought 2 boxes of them. They have about 9 left apparently.


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