Space Age Letraset: Data 70

Space Age Letraset: Data 70

Space Age Letraset: Data 70

I was a type geek even as a kid way back in the 70’s and a particular favourite of mine was Data 70, designed by British artist Bob Newman for the Letraset Type Studio. It fully captures the mood of the time, which was the dawn of early computers, space travel and the popularity of sci-fi.

It was the enclosed rounded slab that did it — I had never seen type like that before and for me, it was a total embodiment of ‘The Future’.

I remember laying out a newsletter for a school project in which I had set the masthead in Data 70, using Letraset of course. I also recall hand drawing the letterforms for my early free time graphic design experiments, as my pocket money didn’t quite stretch to the regular purchasing of Letraset..!

The sample shown above is from the 1974 Letraset catalogue via The Squirrelbasket.

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