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MADE Quarterly #2

MADE Quarterly

I just got my hands on issue two of MADE Quarterly.

A must read for all readers of this blog, MADE Quarterly is a publication that documents the workings of the modern maker, including but not limited to industrial design, architecture, fashion, interior design, photography and the culinary world. MADE aims to get inside the heads of those individuals to find out how they do what they do, and what inspires them to create. Each issue will take a peek behind the scenes and offer the reader a rare opportunity to glimpse inside the minds of these inspiring individuals.

The second edition of of this beautifully produced publication features: Mast Brothers (USA), Best Made Co (USA), Huet Brothers (NLD), Stevie Gee (GBR), Earth Tu Face (USA), March Studio (AUS), Uniform Wares (GBR), Henry Wilson (AUS), Ben Huff (USA) and Minimalux (GBR).

Available in four randomly distributed covers, each displaying chosen works from the contributors. Available from the MADE Quarterly online store.

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