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Attempting to give a damn

One of the interweb’s more “serious” design bloggers has emailed me with the following put down…

“To identify yourself as a design blogger is a bit grandiose. As much content as you regurgitate from others’ sites, a more apt description would be a digital scrap-booker at best.”

Just for the record, since it has never been my intention for my blog to serve any higher purpose than that of a digital scrap-book, then “digital scrap-booker” is a moniker I can live with.

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  1. Jonny

    Name the blogger, would love to know.

  2. CROFTdesign

    i follow your site because i know you post only the best from the web. i know i’m never wasting my time looking for inspirationals on your site… and forget that prat, he’s most likely unhappy with his dull life anyway.

  3. Harry

    haha. That guy clearly needs to stop taking life so “serious”.

  4. David Airey

    Bitter pills are swallowed every day. It’s near impossible avoiding those who take them.

    Nice gif.

  5. Mark

    what is it that motivates some people, I don’t know, I love your blog and keep it up… any news and photos by paolo roversi always welcome by the way

  6. Iain

    Thanks for the support, people.

    I had better quickly point out that the gif is not my work, but one I randomly found on Google, before someone decides to pillory me for that.

  7. Ryan

    Internets, serious business.

  8. :: sonia

    Much applause for you brilliant Zen-musketeer response to this obviously unnecessary and unwarranted attack. Well-done!

  9. Justin

    Eff that guy. What design blogger doesn’t use content from other sites? Your blog is bookmarked for a reason. Haters gon’ hate!

  10. mahanti

    How would you know design if you don’t appreciate it? Which is what you’re doing. Some people take themselves way too “serious”ly. Screw him.

  11. ana

    Both my partner and I have your blog bookmarked. We love it. you are not trying to sell us anything, you keep it fun and give an honest opinion and you always show us such interesting things that it would take me hours to find myself if i ever found them! I also love how varied the things you put on here are. keep it up and don’t listen to silly people sending such rubbish messages, I can’t believe they would be so pathetic.


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