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A pause for re-alignment


Whilst the main purpose of this blog has been to catalogue cool stuff I find in areas of design, architecture, art, technology and popular culture, for my own future reference and inspiration, I had never intended for it to be merely a rebroadcasting of material I find on other blogs.

As, to my surprise, I started to build a list of faithful subscribers, I felt obliged to give a little insight behind my reasons for posting particular items rather than have each post become merely a captioned image and a link. However, of late, because of pressure on time due to work and family commitments, I find that many of my recent posts have reverted to just that – quick image grabs and links to where I found them.

So the reason for this post, dear reader, is to communicate the fact that I am aware of this shift of emphasis and will do all I can to re-align to the path I had always intended for this blog – to make it a place where I can create an archive of cool material for myself and others, to express my thoughts and opinion and possibly ruffle a few feathers…. oh and attract big paying advertisers and get free stuff from people wanting me to review their products..!

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  1. Rick Hurst

    posting up links to other sites (for personal reference and sharing) was the original purpose of (we)blogs, before they became a platform for er.. blogging.. , so it’s perfectly valid just to post things up without comment. As a techie I often post things up so I can find them again later (I often come across my own blog posts when googling for an answer to a technical problem!). So keep posting – I rely on you as a filter to feed me cool/ beautiful things to look at – otherwise i’d spend all my time on twitter and geek sites :)

  2. Iain

    Thanks for those kind words of encouragement Rick. Don’t worry though – this post was not meant to signal a hiatus. I will continue to post and where possible address the issue of brevity in my postings.

  3. Hrag

    I think it’s great that you recognize this but I also think it’s nice that blogs have an eb & flow that goes from in-depth material to the superficial and fun…it’s the web after all :)



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