Zeppelin in Paris

Zeppelin in Paris

Airship – not a Zeppelin (see comment below) – passing the Eiffel Tower. Source unknown.

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  1. 1900-1940

    Hello. The early flying machine in this photo is not a Zeppelin. Zeppelin is a brand name (like Kleenex) for their rigid airships, whose shape was maintained by a complex metal structure covered in fabric with the gas in cells. The small craft in this photo is non-rigid, meaning the shape was maintained by the pressure of gas in its envelope without structural support. Here you have an airship built by the Brazilian dandy-about-Paris Alberto Santos-Dumont in one of his ultimately successful efforts to collect a prize for a flight rounding the Eiffel Tower in 1901. Santos-Dumont flew his little ships around Paris and was known to tie them up to lamp posts while he descended to hobnob in cafes. He is famous for the first European airplane flight in 1906. He ultimately hanged himself in 1932 from despair over his multiple sclerosis and misplaced guilt about the use of airplanes in war. He is memorialized in Cartier’s well-known Santos series of watches based on their 1904 creation of a then-novel men’s wristwatch which allowed him to tell time in flight.


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