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Perfect Imperfect Dictionary

Perfect Imperfect Dictionary

Nameless Architecture is an idea-based design practice, based in Seoul and New York. Committed to simplicity in an unpredictable world, they explore the worlds of architecture, city, and global cultural phenomenon.

PERFECT IMPERFECT DICTIONARY is an essay in the form of a “dictionary.” It does not aim to be an unabridged perfect dictionary furnished with the standardized knowledge. Rather, it is an imperfect dictionary, a collection of incomplete words and images.

Pairing a single text with a single image, it conveys the ample room for thought which can be found between image and word. It can be appreciated or contemplated upon, either with its images or with its text. Of course, observing how image and word intersect, and studying these relationships, can help broaden one’s breadth of understanding.

While PERFECT IMPERFECT DICTIONARY started from Nameless Architecture’s own perceptions of architecture, it does not limit itself to these perceptions. It approaches a wide spectrum of issues from the smallest objects they find on a daily basis to greater abstract values. Creating architecture is a process unconfined to the technical knowledge of the architect; it is rather an act which must embrace the broader general landscape of life.

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