I know halloween is approaching but the spooks I am referring to are not of the scary bedsheet variety. I refer to the welcome return to British tv screens of the BBC’s excellent Spooks spy drama series.

It has to be one of my favourite TV programmes and the kind of thing the BBC does so well — ok so it has every spy drama cliche in the book but it also has lots of shiny gadgets, tightly directed action sequences, great art direction and the sexiest female spy in the business in the shape of ruthless and uncompromising Ros Myers (played by the excellent Hermione Norris).

I tell you what, if the design work ever dries up I might even be tempted to sign up to a job in the British Secret Service, because if this series is to believed, the life of a spook ain’t too different from that of a designer — you get to wear a lot of black, work in an office brimming with shiny Apple technology and need an eye for detail and great hair!

And when it comes to protecting the rights of the free world to perfectly kerned letterforms, I too can be pretty ruthless and uncompromising!

“MI5. Not 9 to 5.”

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