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Women’s Secret Spring 09

Women's Secret Spring 09

The Spring 09 image campaign for Women’s Secret is all soft, fresh, muted tones and rouged pink cheeks!

Women's Secret Spring 09

Great art direction by Base with photography by Daniel Jackson.

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  1. iñaki

    who is the model please??

  2. onemorecup

    I also echo the sentiments of ‘inaki’ from above. Who is the model in the campaign? Now if someone owns this blog — a photographer, designer, make-up, stylist, creative director, or whomever — there are a lot of folks dying to know who she is.

    We’re certain the model would wants us to know. Or if you want to get really technical kindly advise of the agency who represents her.

    If you’ve ever been to FMD (The Fashion Model Directory) the largest database of models in the world — there is a substantial argument going on vis-a-vie who she is. Please try and assist us. Thank you.


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