about me

I am a Digital Design Consultant, currently based in Bristol, UK.  With a background in graphic design and photography, as well as extensive experience of working within interactive design, I have handled work across a broad range of media.

For the past 15 years it has been my goal to design beautiful, engaging and functional interfaces for screens of all shapes and sizes. Passionate about the creative alliance of technology and design, my approach is one of reduction, simplicity, elegance and clarity – placing emphasis on relevant, content-driven design solutions with user experience at the centre of the design process.

I strive to create appropriate work with purpose, honesty, beauty and function. Whether it’s photography, graphic design or interactive design, the core values of my creative process have remained the same – flexibility, craft consciousness and a commitment to deliver within budget and on time, time after time.

For the lowdown on my work, please go to Renderwell.

It's me..!

about this site

This blog functions as a broadcast medium for my news, a braindump for ideas, a repository for snippets of code and chunks of creative inspiration, a means of communicating my own personal views on life, and a simple tracking system providing an overview of current interests and activities.

If you like the cut of my jib then I could build one for you too — just get in touch.

I have recently added advertising to this site which just about covers my hosting costs. I only advertise products and services I have actually used or think may be of interest to my readership. You can read more on my policy regarding advertising on this site, here.

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