Iain Claridge Studio

— Lean. Flexible. Connected.

Iain Claridge Studio is a small independent design practice working across a range of media on a contract basis, specialising in design, art direction, production and special projects for print, electronic media and the Internet.

My approach to design is one of simplicity and clarity, placing emphasis on relevant, content-driven design solutions.

Deliberately lean on overheads, and with access to a wide network of strategic partners, I am able to provide flexible, cost-effective design and implementation solutions to a broad range of clients, from individuals and small local start-up companies, to large multinational corporations.

As a subcontractor working within your organisation, I can work transparently, interacting with and reporting to your people, or directly to the client as your agent/consultant.

Based in Bristol in the South West of England I am available for consultancy, design or photographic assignments anywhere in the world, so if you have a project you would like to discuss, then please get in touch.