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Fred Flintstone's lighter

Haha… Genius…!

Kate Moss x Collier Schorr

Kate Moss photographed by Collier Schorr for Another Magazine F/W 2014.

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Agustina Bottoni: Glow

Glow, by designer Agustina Bottoni, celebrates the preparation of tea and the drinking ceremony while showcasing it through a light effect. It becomes a decorative object which brings a pleasant moment of contemplation.

The spherical shape of the glass bottle acts as a lens, magnifying the light of a small candle, and showcasing the beauty of the tea.

Glow is used to maintain tea hot at the table, or even to brew infusions very slowly. The flask rotates in every direction for serving the tea. The strainer fits the cup, which has cork as thermal insulation.

All pieces of the set were carefully handcrafted combining borosilicate glass, turned wood and cork.

Photo by Roberto Niño Betancourt.

Drzach & Suchy: Haiku

Drzach & Suchy: Haiku

Swiss creative team Drzach & Suchy designed a series of 3D-printed grates that reflect light from the sun onto the bottom of a pool, revealing words written in their shadow.

Looking at the grates on their own, the words are hidden within the weave of the metal. But when they place these coil sheets on the surface of the water the sunlight shines through the mesh, projecting the letters on the other side.

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Iris Van Herpen: Chemical Crows Dress

Chemical Crows Dress made from children’s umbrella tines and leather, by Iris Van Herpen.

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O Six Hundred Kayak

O Six Hundred Kayak

O Six Hundred Kayak

Available in kit form, the O Six Hundred Kayak is built from futuristic materials to a 4,000 year old design and can be put together with your bare hands.


Photo via edoorallana.

Taking care of business

Bohemian home

Bohemian home

Loving the bohemian Marseille home of Emma Francis, owner of fashion brand Sessùn.

Photos by Vincent Leroux for Milk Magazine.

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Bistro signage typography.

Photo credit Sa___ki0126.

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