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Yuriko Oka

Yuriko Oka of the Monster Attack Team, from The Return of Ultraman.

Tattoo you

Via Lushlight.

Young & Grissom

Astronauts John Young and Virgil Grissom in cabin of Gemini Spacecraft 3 as seen on television monitor during altitude test.

Via Duane King.



“Shinoya” by Fin DAC in Melbourne, Australia.

Via Street Art News.

No room for small minds

Via Random and Retro.

There is no cloud

Via Random and Retro.

Workin’ it

Via Forgotten Nobility.

Hugh Holland

Photo from Locals Only, a book of photographs by Hugh Holland, capturing the Los Angeles skateboard revolution during the mid-Seventies from an insider’s perspective.

Tennent Brown

Tennent Brown

Love the website of New Zealand architectural practice Tennent Brown, in particular the stepped text treatment which reforms as you scroll.

Great design from New Zealand “digital outfitters” BKA.


Epsilon Health Identity by Beetroot Design Group.