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R.I.P. Prince

R.I.P. Prince

Prince Rogers Nelson, 1958–2016.

Mystery art

Source unknown.

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Fantastic interior

Fantastic interior

Beautiful details evident in a selection of wonderful interior shots via Fantastic Frank.

Urinal of the week

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What lies beneath

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The Batphone

The Batphone (1966), “The Joker Goes to School”.

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Source unknown

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Italian Sonnet

Italian Sonnet

Italian Sonnet (2008) by Maciek Jozefowicz

“Italian Sonnet is a small sculpture, small enough to be held in the palm of the hand, with big ideas. Italian Sonnet represents the precarious binding of opposites: the eternal (rocks) with the temporal (wood, twine), nature (rocks) with culture (dowel, twine and the act of manipulation of these materials), male with female, light with dark.”

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Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid (1950– 2016).