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Minimalism in Web Design

According to Rainfall Daffinson “web minimalism has come back as a trend in the summer of 2007”. In an article entitled New Minimalism in Web Interface Design they have compiled 24 moments of minimalism in web interface design in the last decade, selected several quotes to easily define minimalism and a provided a selection of the best new minimalist websites.

I think what we are seeing here is more a knock on effect of the increased emphasis on usability rather than simply a stylistic trend. When it comes to information design, a pared down treatment with the focus on good layout and typography to provide hierarchy, emphasis and cadence rather than graphical doodads, generally proves to be the most effective approach.

I don’t totally agree with all of the examples they give of minimal design but there are some interesting links to be found nontheless.

Thanks to another champion of all things minimalist, the always excellent swissmiss, for the heads up.

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