Globe Lamp

Globe Lamp

This Globe Lamp would make a nice little DIY project. How to transform a globe into a lamp, via Trendenser.

Anyone know Swedish..?

Via tokyo-bleep.

It turns out Daniel Carlsten DOES know Swedish! Read on for his translation of the Trendenser article.

“When I visited the home of Mats and Marie I saw this beautiful lamp that Marie made ​​all by herself. She had simply taken an old-fashioned globe with lights, which she had bargain-hunted at a flea market, and stripped it naked. It is easy to make. If you have a functioning globe with outdated land descriptions, you can simply peel away the outdated old map and polish the glass clean. Voilà, you have a nice lamp! With a dimmer connected to it, the bulb gives a cozy glow.”

Thank you Daniel. ;)

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  1. Kalle

    It just says ‘peel off the old map, and polish the glass’. I assume you need to find the correct globe first, i’ve never seen one that seems to made of glass


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