Cindy Crawford photographed by Helmut Newton Mikael Jansson.

Via Faded and Blurred.

also on iainclaridge.net

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  1. Fred


    Those b&w pictures of Cindy Crawford with a Doberman are absolutely NOT by Helmut Newton. This is a misinformation and wrong credit regularly spread on the internet. Those pictures come from a series published in POP Magazine #11, Fall/Winter 2005/2006. (Newton died in 2004). They are by the swedish fashion photographer MIKAEL JANSSON.
    1-You will find all photos of the series on his website :
    2-You will find the full editorial as published here (Posts #333 & #334). Credit “Photography Mikael Jansson” is printed on top of the very first page, above title “Pretty In Black” :
    3-The photo of Cindy Crawford laying next to the dog is in her text +photography book “Becoming”, released at Fall 2015. Photo on page 201 and credit “Mikael Jansson” on page 254.

    Thanks in advance for your corrections.


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