Tamagotchi Familitchi

Tamagotchi Familitchi

Little Asia has just taken delivery of this Shinobi Black Familitchi – the latest version (V5) of the Tamagotchi virtual pet series, and it has been her constant companion ever since.

It has all the fun features from previous versions, but now you must raise your Tama-family with up to 3 family members appearing on the screen at once – so brothers, sisters, mums and dads! Depending on how you raise your Tamagotchi you can become one of 7 different fun families.

I reckon this list of Familitchi codes could come in handy..!

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  1. lauryn

    how do u use a tamagotchi familitchi

  2. kassandra

    how you use a tamagtchi is licke tis you feed it play whit it needs attantion go shopping make money its isi pisi love kassandra



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