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If you hate the cold but find bulky layers of clothing cumbersome and uncomfortable, then you may find the range of HEATTECH clothing from UNIQLO helpful in easing that transition from lightweight summerwear to heavyweight winter layering, and equally effective in keeping warm and cosy throughout the winter, whilst maintaining a streamlined silhouette..!

Engineered for warmth, HEATECH is a rayon-rich blend of fibres developed by TORAY Industries. Rayon fibres naturally retain and lock in heat within tiny air-pockets — by blending the fabric with whey and milk protein, moisture retention is also achieved, creating a combination that gives a soft and warm, second-skin feel.

This layer of cutting-edge technology, as thin as 0.5mm, effectively produces heat from the moisture evaporating from your body, and stores this heat in the air-pockets within it’s fibres, keeping the warmth on the skin without the need to layer-up.

The UNIQLO HEATTECH collection includes t-shirts, fleece turtlenecks, socks, knitted hats, smart-phone friendly gloves, neck warmers, tights and long-johns.

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