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Diesel Wall 2008 – Manchester

Diesel Wall

Just recently, Diesel opened the doors of it’s Manchester store and invited in the creme of local creative talent to decorate it’s walls, in celebration of the launch of the 5th edition of Diesel Wall, an international art contest that continues it’s worldwide tour, reaching four new corners of the planet – Manchester, Barcelona, Zurich and New York.

Diesel Wall - Manchester

Diesel Wall 2008 launch
Manchester artists at the launch of Diesel Wall 2008. (ph: I. Claridge & H. Lynch)

Diesel Wall aims to bring intriguing, inspiring, insightful and inciting contemporary ideas to giant urban canvases in city centres around the world.

Up until July 11th 2008, any creative, inspired person from any country in the world can apply online at dieselwall.com and submit his/her designs for the chance to take part in this new edition of the project…and conquer a Wall!

Urbis Centre - Manchester

In Manchester the wall in question belongs to URBIS – an exhibition center which covers photography, design, architecture, music and contemporary art. The deadline for Manchester entries is 18th May 2008.

Four judges will select the winners: Peter Saville, legendary graphic designer famed for his record sleeves for Factory Records artists, notably Joy Division and New Order; Francesca Gavin, Visual Arts Editor of Dazed & Confused; Terry Jones, Founder and Editor of i-D magazine; Pollyanna Clayton-Stamm, Curator at URBIS and Wilbert Das, Diesel Creative Director.

At a time where we are constantly bombarded by messages we didn’t ask to see in a never ending stream of mass produced cerebral pollution, Diesel Wall highlights the need to salvage what public space is left and fill it with something worth saying.

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  1. shauna

    is anyone else having major problems uploading there design?i keep submitting mine and getting the following message
    File is valid, and was successfully uploaded.
    But there was an error saving your data, please try again or contact submissions@dieselwall.com
    then when I email the address given it fails to send.This has happened numerous times.Does anyone else know a relavant contact?Thanks

  2. sonam

    I am encountering the exact same problem as Shauna.. Its strange because I sent an email to submission@dieselwall.com as well as submissions@dieselwall.com and the first one went through while the later didnt!

    I am trying to enter my work and the deadline is tomorrow.. does anyone know whats the situation with this upload error?

  3. jing

    I can’t even seem to register for Dielsel Cult – keeps giving me this:
    Notice: Undefined index: referrer in /var/www/vhosts/diesel.com/httpdocs/cult/register/index.php on line 10

    Has anyone else had this? Please please help as deadline is tomorrow!!!!

  4. Jim

    I submitted mine last night and got some weird responses too.


    I tried sending 3 times and still not sure it went through. Have sent to the submissions email addresses too though. The Diesel Cult section of the site is flakey as hell, I’ve still not got my card a year after applying for it. You’d think we would have got a confirmation email or something on the site to log/indicate that we have made a successful submission.

  5. Dan

    The website is awful…

    I submitted a piece, found that i needed to tweak something, and resubmitted it to the same wall. I got a msg back saying “design successfully uploaded, you have 2 more designs left”!! (even tho id sent two already)

    Also, the signup page had a line of error code on it over the weekend, which meant no one new could signup to participate. I had to use one of my remaining slots to upload my friend’s design for her, and include an explanation.

    Finally, the deadline for Manchester has passed, and yet they havent closed it yet!

  6. jing

    i’e heard back from diesel wall and apparently they’ve had a problem with their server. but it’s all up and running now and peole should still be able to submit today…


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