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Moshe Safdie: ArtScience Museum

Moshe Safdie: ArtScience Museum

Moshe Safdie’s ArtScience Museum is a part of the lavish Marina Bay Sands complex in Singapore. It’s the first building in Singapore to be constructed using Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) – a material regularly used in the manufacture of high-performance racing yachts. Photo by Nina Papiorek.

The design of the Museum takes the form of an open lotus flower and aims to capture ‘Safdie’s philosophy that art and science together can excite and inform visitors in a new way’.

The form is grounded on a circular base with ten individual finger-like projections extending outwards with skylights in the ‘fingertips’. With the tallest ‘finger’ standing 60m from the ground, the 4,800 sq m facility comprises a vast array of uniquely curved interior spaces.

In the centre of the ten projections is a dish-style roofing system which channels rainwater into a central cylindrical waterfall and reflection pool. Some of this water is then reused in the Museum’s restrooms as part of Singapore’s Green Mark programme.

Via Dequalized.

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