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Attik: NoiseFive

Attik - Noise Five

Attik have announced the imminent release of the latest in their series of occasional monographs, NoiseFive.

They are apparently only printing 2000 copies so if you want one you had better nip over quick to the Noise blog to register your interest — and whilst you are there you can reminisce over previous editions of the Noise series.

Noise is described by Attik as “the space in which we experiment, creating new avenues for us to explore… without the limitations or practical parameters of the commercial world“.

Whilst these big design studio monographs are often dismissed by some as self indulgent doodlings, I personally have always enjoyed flipping through previous editions of Noise, so I look forward to receiving my complimentary review copy in due course..! (Well it’s worth a try…hehe..!)

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