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I have criticised Monocle magazine in this blog for it’s editorial but there is no denying it is a beautifully crafted publication with immaculate attention to detail in its layout and stunning use of photography. It also uses illustration to great effect and its infographics are beautifully conceived. All this has been faithfully reflected in the online version of the magazine — it certainly does not disappoint from an aesthetic perspective.

The man responsible for this, designer Dan Hill, has given a comprehensive account of the process behind creating the Monocle website in a lengthy blog article so grab your favourite beverage, kick back and read all about it.

My only gripe would be the decision to use images for text headings — whilst admittedly Plantin is a lovely typeface and I can see the reasoning from an aesthetic point of view it must be a bit of a nightmare in terms of content administration, not to mention the accessibility and SEO implications — surely these are valid reasons for use of sIFR.

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