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Anton Corbijn Inwards and Onwards poster

Anton Corbijn Inwards and Onwards poster

Anton Corbijn Inwards and Onwards poster

First I saw this cracking interior photo and then clocked the fantastic poster and thought… damn I need that on my wall.

It’s an original poster promoting the Inwards and Onwards exhibition held at Fotografiska, Stockholm in 2012, showcasing the work of photographer Anton Corbijn. The poster features one of Corbijn’s  photographs of Kate Moss taken in 1996.

Long shot I know but if anyone knows where I can get one, please let me know.

Interior shot via The Gifts of Life.

UPDATE: Apparently the poster is available from the Fotografiska webshop (see comment below) but apparently they currently don’t deliver outside of Sweden. Is there anyone in Sweden willing to take delivery and forward it on to me in the UK..?  ;) 

A big thank you to Barry in Stockholm for going to the trouble of getting the poster for me and shipping it to the UK. :)

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  1. Iain

    Thank you so much Adam :)

  2. Adrian

    Hi Iain,
    Do you have the details of the guy that sent you this poster.
    Id like one sent to Australia if at all possible.


  3. Kate

    I’m having the same issue, damn you Fotografia shipping policies… *shakes fist*


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