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Meet the Schaffas

Scout Schaffas

The International Fauna Dossier describes a schaffas (Marcum-Schaffidius) as a gentle and un-aspiring creature of great mystery. Adelaideans Sam Barratt & Chris Edser, hand-picked art-friends from all over the world to customize their own breed of schaffas. They were each sent a similar blank shape and given free reign to add, subtract, paint or destroy these objects. The response was inspiring with a wide variety of styles and approaches covered.

Meet the Schaffas.

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  1. Trenna Oelsnik

    Oh My! Scout (the look-out) Schaffas you really do get out and about.
    The things you must have seen …
    Don’t forget to report back to all the other good-looking Schaffas and the boys from “Screamdance”.


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