Cloud Nine eco-homes

Cloud Nine eco-home

Cloud Nine are a Cornish based building company that supplies a range of beautifully designed, eco-friendly, timber buildings at affordable prices. A basic two-bedroom house will cost £80,000 plus land – for a four bedroom property you can expect to pay £167,000 plus land.

Fitted with air-sourced heat pumps for space heating and solar thermal collectors to heat the water, running costs for these state of the art energy efficient homes are remarkably cheap – one of their two bedroom houses has reportedly achieved a fuel bill of just £26 per year with total annual running costs of £346.

The houses are built in Poland on a production line then delivered in finished modules and assembled on site. With land prices falling there couldn’t be a better time to consider buying up some land and setting yourself up with one of these flat-packed eco-dwellings.

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