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99 Fears

Balloon and Cactus

99 Fears is a collection of 99 pen and ink drawings by Bulgarian artist Nedko Solakov, in which he describes a range of personal worries and a few of the more general anxieties that characterise modern existence.

In the above example he pairs an illustration of the balloon and the cactus with a sentence that describes how they work together to maintain their fragile relationship.

“Fear #37: A balloon and a cactus became friends. For the time being – everything OK. The cactus’ pricks are minding the tender balloon, and the balloon keeps itself close to the ground for a better chat with the cactus (even though the balloon can easily go 56 metres high).”

Speaking for myself, I’ve been there and know what they are going through…!

99 Fears is published by Phaidon or you can see all 99 Fears at the exhibition that runs from September 2008 at the Bonn Kunstmuseum.

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