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Kinecdysis Writer (Grapheme) x Sougwen Chung

Kinecdysis Writer (Grapheme) x Sougwen Chung

Kinecdysis (Grapheme)  by Sougwen Chung, is an animated font inspired by the motif of ecdysis (from Ancient Greek: ἐκδύω, ekduo, to take off, strip off).

“At the epilogue of transformation, what remains? Ecdysis is the process of shedding or casting off the exoskeleton in invertebrate organisms. As a metaphor for writing, it is in equal parts an assemblage, homage and exorcism of the self in all its prior iterations. It is the verbal vestige that forms the story of our private ecdysis… within it, the narratives that contain the modicum of our memory.”

Recommended for: polymaths, poets and prophets.

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