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The Template – The Ceremony of Original Innocence

The Template

The Ceremony of Original Innocence video is an alchemically coded ceremonial experience embedded in film, as a visual, audible, interactive event.

Watching it will result in the reconnection of 12 circuits of life-force, permanently, re-embracing your field of awareness into the holistic space-time continuum, electromagnetically.

Functioning upon the laws of resonant harmonics these codes reconnect the energetic delivery system that downloads a holistic virus of Source Consciousness.

This divine directive enters the Human bio-computational field and initiates the collapse of programs that are reliant upon the synthetic mutant matrix, activating a disassociation from the predominant dualistic ideology of prejudice and separation, initiating an altered brain chemistry that informs us that unity is the superlative Human state.

Keep your eyes open.

Allow the coded visuals to imprint your DNA.

Allow the integrity of the sonic spoken code to resonate with the receptors in your cerebral cortex. Resound the spoken code within the spaces left for you to speak to add your voice to the revolution …to evolution.

When it is ended, it will begin.
Seek a peaceful space.

– Juliet Carter

The Ceremony of Original Innocence is the first of The Template Ceremonies, designed to reconnect our electromagnetic bio-circuitry through coded Ceremony and our natural resonance with Sacred Geometry.


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