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AL3 x László Moholy-Nagy

AL3 x László Moholy-Nagy

AL3, 1926 by László Moholy-Nagy.
Oil, industrial paints, and pencil on aluminum.
The Blue Four Galka Scheyer Collection, Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena, CA

In AL 3, so named because it was the artist’s third painting on aluminum, Moholy-Nagy sprayed paint using an air brush. This new technique eliminated nearly all signs of the artist’s hand, leaving only the velvety dispersion of color. Unfortunately, these early experimentations often proved detrimental to the work. For this painting, however, the fading of the central circle from blue to rust had an unexpected effect. Little more than a decade after the painting was completed, the artist remarked of this change, “I must confess that I like the picture much better as it is now.” (excerpt from Norton Simon Museum website: www.nortonsimon.org)

Via Moholy-Nagy Foundation.

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